Le ventre de L’atlantique par Fatou Diome

Author is mostly known for Née en 1968 dans l’île de Niodor au Sénégal, Fatou Diome est élevée par sa grand-mère. Romancière, elle vit en France depuis 1994 où elle enseigna à l'Université de Strasbourg et anima Nuit blanche, une émission culturelle mensuelle de télévision. Connue pour son roman à succès Le Ventre de l’Atlantique, publié en 2001, elle... Continue Reading →


under the neem tree senegal is launching

I have mentioned my Senegalese origins in almost every other post this year, so to speak. What can I say? I am a proud Senegalese, which means I will use every opportunity to mention Senegal. Moreover, I always remind my readers that in Senegal we speak french. I had intended this blog to be a bilingual space when  language... Continue Reading →

From the baobab to the Saguaro by Rahmatou Seck Samb

This book is in French and, I don't think it will ever be translated in english - my personal opinion of course. That's a shame! Such a beautiful story about one of the oldest ethnic group of Senegal - The Lebus. I will not discuss the book  in great details, but I will, however  briefly comment on some interesting elements. For those... Continue Reading →

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