What I read in the first half of 2013 and where I am heading for the rest of the year

We are in June! God, Time flies. I remember January like it was yesterday. My Reading Report: What did I read in the first half of the year? I have separated  my list per genre: Non-Fiction Business Winner Take All By Dambisa Moyo Poor Economics: A radical Rethinking on how to fight poverty By Esther Duflo... Continue Reading →


I am not really sure how I end up owning this book. All I know is that I had it when I moved to Canada in 2004.  So maybe it was a farewell gift from someone, I don't recall buying it. The author Aissatou Cisse is a Senegalese born author, an activist and a staunch... Continue Reading →

The African Trilogy by Chinua Achebe part I

The African Trilogy of Chinua Achebe is composed of: Things Fall Apart written in 1958 , this is the best known of the three novels. No Longer at Ease written in 1960, this one is my favorite. Arrow of God written in 1964, this one is the author favorite's. A lot have been said and written... Continue Reading →

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