Keeping Hope Alive – One Woman: 90,000 Lives Changed By Hawa Abdi

Author is mostly known for Dr Hawa Abdi Dhiblawe is a Somali human rights activist and physician. She is the founder and chairperson of the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation (DHAF), a non-profit organization. She created a refugee camp within her compound and shelter 90,000 lives not far from Mogadishu these last twenty years. Others publications  None. Author is... Continue Reading →


Nomad By Ayaan Hirsi Ali

This book is the sequel of Infidel, the author’s memoir. I reviewed it here. What I failed to discuss in my Infidel's review was Ms Hirsi Ali's families - Her father, mother, sisters and brother. At the end of Infidel, the reader is left wondering, what happen to the family?  The answer to that question... Continue Reading →

Infidel By Ayaan Hirsi Ali – The Somali woman who became atheist

Ms Ali is definitely one of the most controversial author I have ever encountered in my adult life. I did not read her first book The Caged Virgin, but I did read Infidel and Nomad. Nomad will be discussed in another post. The first time I saw Ms Ali was on CNN International, where she was... Continue Reading →

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