4 very strange books I recently read

Africa! This very name has so many stereotypes attached to it, that even writers and storytellers out of the continent can’t really escape it. So when you are an African author, you are expected to write a certain type of books. And that’s that! That’s what is expected of you, what African and non-African readers,... Continue Reading →


Pain nu by Mohamed Choukri

This is book 2 in my Ramadan 2013 Reading Challenge. I read this book in French but it has been translated in over 30 other languages. In English, it is titled For Bread Alone. To say that I was in a state of utter shock is an understatement. I did not expect so much hatred,violence,... Continue Reading →

Ramadan 2013 Reading Challenge

Latest news in town, North Africa is part of Africa! Sometimes, I forget and need to be reminded. That’s why I have decided to read exclusively Arab authors this Ramadan. I have only heard one name  and it was Yasmina Khaddra. The sad truth, I have never read an arab author. *Grasp* So, I did... Continue Reading →

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