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I am guilty of spending far more time than I should on twitter. Fortunately, i am following very interesting and informed bloggers. If you had only 3 bloggers to follow on twitter and your subject of predilection is African literature, I recommend these three. #BLOGGERSTOFOLLOW @kinnareads #FollowHer for anything #Feminist and #Ghana. I have learned a... Continue Reading →


Malaka Grant

Malaka was born in Accra, Ghana, to an African-American mother and Ghanaian father. Her experiences growing up and viewing the world through the clouded lens of a “hybrid Ghanaian” girl child helped her to appreciate and analyze the unique struggles that women of all races and ethnicities must overcome within the confines of their culture. Her... Continue Reading →

The Daughters Of Swallows by Malaka Grant

I am loving Ghana very much these days. Honestly, all the Ghanaian authors I have read so far have just wowed me. But then again, most of these authors are living out of Ghana, so do I attribute this success to Ghana or to the particular individual? In any case, I did love this novel so much... Continue Reading →

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