The Daughters Of Swallows by Malaka Grant

I am loving Ghana very much these days. Honestly, all the Ghanaian authors I have read so far have just wowed me. But then again, most of these authors are living out of Ghana, so do I attribute this success to Ghana or to the particular individual? In any case, I did love this novel so much... Continue Reading →


Readers’ Top Ten on Image Nations

I was recently invited by Nana Fredua Agyeman of the blog Image Nations to participate in the Reader's Top ten series. Keep reading for my contribution. I reblog Nana 's post below. Book blogging has introduced me to several individuals I would not otherwise have met, either in person or in this virtual world. One... Continue Reading →

The Other Crucifix By Benjamin Kwakye

First, I would like to thank the Africa Book club for bringing this book to my attention.Otherwise, I wouldn't know about it. It's funny the other day I was having a chat on twitter with a Ghanaian,who was asking me about the Ghanaian authors I have read. I said not many. Actually, here is the... Continue Reading →

What I read in the first half of 2013 and where I am heading for the rest of the year

We are in June! God, Time flies. I remember January like it was yesterday. My Reading Report: What did I read in the first half of the year? I have separated  my list per genre: Non-Fiction Business Winner Take All By Dambisa Moyo Poor Economics: A radical Rethinking on how to fight poverty By Esther Duflo... Continue Reading →

Ghana must go by Taiye Selasi

If you are into books, then chances are you have heard of “Ghana must go”. This novel was one of the most anticipated  forthcoming book this spring. I did a Guestpost about it on Afrokanlife. Some of the section of that article will be reproduced here. About the author Ghana Must Go is the author debut novel. Who... Continue Reading →

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