Unoma Nwankwor

Unoma Nwankwor is the co-owner of KevStel Group, a Christian entertainment company, specializing in movie productions, book publications and hosting events. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance & Banking and a Masters of Business Administration degree in Global Management.  She calls herself a “numbers person” whom God bestowed the gift of writing... Continue Reading →


Tolulope Popoola

Tolulope Popoola is a writer, blogger and lover of books and all things literature. She used to be an Accountant, until she rediscovered her love for writing in 2006 and became a full-time writer in 2008. She is also the creator and one of the writers for the fiction series and book, In My Dreams... Continue Reading →

Yejide Kilanko

Yejide Kilanko was born in Ibadan, Nigeria and currently lives with her young family in Ontario, Canada. A therapist in children’s mental health, she holds bachelor degrees in Political Science (University of Ibadan) Social Work (University of Victoria) and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Windsor. Her best-selling debut novel, Daughters... Continue Reading →

Nike Campbell-Fatoki

Nike Campbell-Fatoki was born in Lvov, Ukraine to Nigerian parents. She spent her formative years in Lagos, Nigeria, listening to stories and folktales told by her maternal Grandparents. Her passion has always been writing. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Howard University and a Master of Arts degree in International Development... Continue Reading →

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