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Qui est Petit Piment? Jeune orphelin de Pointe-Noire, Petit Piment effectue sa scolarité dans une institution catholique placée sous l’autorité abusive et corrompue de Dieudonné Ngoulmoumako. Arrive bientôt la révolution socialiste, les cartes sont redistribuées, et Petit Piment en profite pour s’évader avec des jumeaux à la brutalité légendaire, abandonnant ainsi son meilleur ami, qui refuse... Continue Reading →


Lumiéres de Pointe-Noire by Alain Mabanckou

Author is mostly known for Alain Mabanckou (born 24 February 1966) is a novelist, journalist, poet, and academic, a French citizen born in the Republic of the Congo; He is best known for his novels and non-fiction writing depicting the experience of contemporary Africa and the African Diaspora in France. Among the best known and most... Continue Reading →

2013 Under The Neem Tree best non-fiction books

I am a big fan of non-fiction works, maybe it is because I live in North America. You have probably heard, somewhere, that Americans (read also Canadians) are obsessed with non-fiction particularly self-help books. Well, it's true! We are! How I wish Africa was this way too? It would be wonderful to have a bunch of... Continue Reading →

How to read the air by Dinaw Mengestu

I didn’t know the existence of this author until last month when I attended the Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival. I had bought a VIP pass and attended all the events on the  “writing out of Africa” track. At that festival, I met and discussed with Nigerian author Yejide Kilanko (I reviewed her first... Continue Reading →

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