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Our year Buying Black by Maggie Anderson

Author is mostly known for Maggie Anderson is known for her campaign to buy only from black enterprises in 2009. Margarita Anderson and her family made history and dominated headlines as national media covered their year-long stand living exclusively off Black businesses, professionals, and products for an entire year.  This first-ever real-life case study in... Continue Reading →

The New Harvest : Agricultural Innovation in Africa By Calestous Juma

It took me a while to finish this book. Mainly because I had to take notes on several occasion, mark down a page, look up something on the internet or discuss an idea with someone. Every one of the 200-something pages are worth thinking about. That is why I hope that all policymakers in Africa have or... Continue Reading →

Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the way to fight poverty by Esther Duflo and Abhijit Barnejee

Anyone interested in Africa's development should read this book authored by two MIT professors. I was lucky enough to participate in their Edx class, which means I have literally studied this book in great details. And believe me, I have enjoyed every second of it. What is EdX? It is a not-for-profit partnership between Harvard University... Continue Reading →

Winner Take all: China’s Race for resources by Dambisa Moyo

 We have all heard strange stories about China’s presence in Africa. From the New AU's- African Union- headquarter to a collapsing hospital in Angola. For instance, I am thinking of this story I read on New African - The biggest-selling panAfrican magazine in English- that Chinese expatriates were eating the stray cats and dogs of the... Continue Reading →

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